Starting to Feel Your Age? Shake off the Years with Whole Body Vibration.

Starting to Feel Your Age? Shake off the Years with Whole Body Vibration.

Fear of aging speeds the very decline we dread most. Feel alive and optimistic again with Whole Body Vibration!

As the borderline between maturity and old age disappears, do you find yourself avoiding bending over, squatting down, reaching out, stretching and other activities that seemed effortless when you were younger? Well, we can offer you a solution that’s safe, easy and only takes ten minutes a few times a week – Whole Body Vibration!

With “baby boomers” getting to the age where things that once seemed simple are now becoming difficult, we’re seeing an increasing number of people over in this age group purchasing Whole Body Vibration machines. Some are referred to us at Kwikfit4u by their physical therapist, others by their chiropractor, and still others are trying this exercise technology because they’ve recently become aware of it, due to Whole Body Vibration’s increasing popularity. It really is creating a “buzz” and that is because it works!

The logic is really quite simple, Whole Body Vibration exercise is an absolutely perfect way to stay active and fit for nearly everyone, regardless of age, physical condition and even those who are compromised by all sorts of conditions and health issues. Whole Body Vibration exercise will help increase flexibility, mobility, balance and general suppleness while it strengthens muscles and increases bone mass and density.

When the term ‘Whole Body Vibration’ is used in regard to the general population, I’m referring to an oscillating (see-saw) type platform which pivots back and forth, as opposed to a linear vibration plate which moves vertically up and down. The reason is that the low-impact, oscillating/pivotal movement is gentle on the joints, bones and connective tissue and it most closely mimics the body’s own natural movements, like walking.

Whenever you take a step forward, one side of your body becomes lower, while the other is slightly raised. Your next step and the process is reversed; first one side is lower, then the other side. This is completely natural and there is no harsh jarring of the body at all. It’s non-impact, non-invasive, plus it’s a ideal way of dealing with common signs of aging such as muscle stiffness, joint soreness, and/or general aches and pains throughout the body oftentimes resulting in a general lack of mobility and range of motion.

Starting to Feel Your Age? Shake off the Years with Whole Body Vibration.

With Whole Body Vibration you can enjoy your Golden Years.

Whole Body Vibration exercise has been found to be enormously helpful in overcoming many of the common complaints of our aging population. It’s safe and very easy to do, there aren’t any complicated regimes that demand total commitment and a Whole Body Vibration exercise session only takes ten minutes and can be repeated at your leisure, three to four times a week in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

There are those who, for whatever reason, may not be able to stand on the platform and they can receive a host of benefits from simply sitting on it or they can even sit on a chair (or wheelchair) with just their feet on it. In fact, many people have found that sitting on a chair with the feet on the platform while it is set at a moderate speed is an excellent ‘pick me up’ at the end of a long day, especially if you work or stand on your feet all day. Try it, you may find this particular practice is bliss for relieving tired, aching feet and calves, even a great way to ease tension or pain in the knees.

In summary; there are many ways to experience the numerous benefits of Whole Body Vibration exercise or therapy. One’s age should never be a barrier: In fact, senior citizens frequently report experiencing dramatic results when using a Whole Body Vibration platform regularly.  By strengthening their muscles, building bone mass/density, increasing mobility, flexibility and range of motion, as well as receiving the additional benefits of increased production of human growth hormone (HGH), serotonin (the feel good hormone), endorphins, collagen and elastin, most of these elderly users state that they feel younger, stronger, more energetic and are more optimistic after a Whole Body Vibration session.

Starting to Feel Your Age? Shake off those years with Whole Body Vibration

The “Healthy Heart”

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