How the Lymphatic System and Circulation is Positively Affected by Whole Body Vibration

How the Lymphatic System and Circulation is Positively Affected by Whole Body Vibration

An Activated Lymphatic Circulation System

Our lymphatic system may easily be referred to as the great “clean-up crew” for our body. When functioning properly it delivers nutrients throughout the entire body and quickly eliminates waste and toxins via the lymph fluid it produces. When the lymphatic system slows down or becomes inactive, that often results in the establishment of a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and/or parasites. This condition, if left to continue, will progressively lead to a variety of degenerative diseases, quickening the aging process. Unlike the way your heart moves blood through your system, there is no “pump” that circulates lymph fluid. Whole Body Vibration exercise stimulates the lymph fluid into action, prompting it to do all that is necessary to eliminate toxins from your body which reduces inflammation. Furthermore, this triggers the body’s immune response, helping it fight off bacteria and viruses.

The circulatory systems are among the most important functions performed by the human body, and there are two basic types of circulation: Cardiovascular and Lymphatic. Our blood circulation system pumps blood throughout our body, delivering nutrients, oxygen and hormones directly to the tissues and cells through arteries, capillaries and veins. Our lymphatic system produces a clear to milky white fluid that simultaneously filters waste, removes toxins and eliminates excess fluids. Whenever toxins are removed from the body, all of its functions improve dramatically.

Standing on a Whole Body Vibration machine’s low-impact, oscillating platform has been proven to be very effective in helping blood circulation and lymph flow. The rapid (fast twitch) muscle contractions produced by the vibrations act like a pump for the blood and lymph, increasing the speed and efficiency of the flow (Kerschan-Schindl et al 2001; Lohman et al. 2007). This is the main reason why many Whole Body Vibration machine users report experiencing a tingling or itching sensation. Many also report feeling warm sensations, which are the result of improved circulation and the widening of the blood vessels, creating a gentle exercise for your cardiovascular system. Whole Body Vibration exercise increases lymph flow ten to thirty fold, kick-starting a sluggish lymph into action (a sluggish lymph leads to congestion and weight gain).

Whole Body Vibration exercise is not generally considered a cardiovascular workout. Your heart rate will not be greatly affected by just standing on a Whole Body Vibration machine or by assuming static poses. However, regular ten minute Whole Body Vibration sessions will greatly encourage the efficiency in which blood is delivered throughout the entire body. This will actually help improve normal cardiovascular functions. If you wish to get a more complete cardio workout while on your Whole Body Vibration platform, you can add dynamic poses and movements.

It it also good to keep in mind the importance of staying hydrated by drinking sufficient water before and after a Whole Body Vibration workout. This will help the lymphatic system work more efficiently and effectively.  Lack of proper hydration is also the main cause of headaches while on the machine.

The root cause of most disease is congestion or blockage, especially when it occurs in the digestive tract and the lymphatic system. If these two don’t work properly, we cannot expect to achieve optimal health and fitness.

How the Lymphatic System and Circulation is Positively Affected by Whole Body Vibration

There are one-way valves within the lymphatic capillaries. These valves ensure the continued flow of the waste and toxins away from the tissues via the lymph fluid.

If you’re new to Whole Body Vibration, begin with ten minute sessions, 3-4 times a week. Start off by just standing on the vibrating platform while on a low enough setting to feel comfortable. Give yourself a slow stroking massage, directing movements towards the heart; this will decrease any existing edema and assist in a greater lymph flow. As you begin to feel more familiar with the machine and your body’s responses, you can gradually become more aggressive, increasing the speed and incorporating dynamic movements into your regime.


How the Lymphatic System and Circulation is Positively Affected by Whole Body Vibration

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