The Magical Effect of a Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

The Magical Effect of a Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

Find the Time to Exercise with Whole Body Vibration

If we’re honest with ourselves we have to admit that there doesn’t seem to be enough time anymore to accomplish everything we think we need or want to do. In spite of our growing concern with health and fitness, finding the time to do something about it, like going to a gym or fitness center, going out for a jog or a walk doesn’t seem possible anymore when we consider our jobs and other family responsibilities that we need to attend to. Many have turned to exercising at home but with the numerous types of home fitness equipment made available in the market today, selecting the right one that fits our individual needs seems all the more complicated.

On easy solution is a magnificent new technology…Whole Body Vibration. And the increasing number of celebrities and athletes (both amateur and professional) who continue to use Whole Body Vibration exercise equipment regularly is enough evidence to its effectiveness in improving and maintaining the health and well-being to users, including those of all ages and physical conditions. In order to better understand how Whole Body Vibration technology works, it is helpful to learn the difference between Whole Body Vibration platforms that produces linear movements vs. those that produce oscillating movements. Whole Body Vibration equipment based on the linear style technology is known to cause undesirable long-term effects on the human body. The up-and-down piston (linear) movement common to users of such equipment, as the jack hammer, or the vibration that truck drivers are exposed to obviously will result in back problems and an assortment of various other physical ailments, especially affecting the body’s carpal tunnels.

The Magical Effect of a Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

The oscillating Whole Body Vibration system used by the Kwikfit 4U 200, 4U 400 (most popular), 4U 800, 4U 1000 and 4U 2000 machines creates a pleasant rocking motion that causes the brain to tell the muscles of the body to actively contract to maintain equilibrium (balance), creating a therapeutic, muscle-toning and strengthening workout. This unique, low-impact system provides all the benefits of Whole Body Vibration exercise with a minimal risk of damage to the joints and tendons, making it a safe and efficient source of exercise, wellness, and therapy for everyone. Compared to the linear system, KWIKFIT4U’s Whole Body Vibration exercise machines generates vibrations that are on ideal health levels for muscle contraction as opposed to the higher G forces produced by linear systems. The Golgi bodies receiving the stimulation further send out pleasant reactions to the brain which in turn commands to body contract accordingly to maintain balance, creating a healthy and therapeutic muscle toning, bone building exercise.

Thanks to Whole Body Vibration technology’s desire to improve and enhance the human muscle integrity and bone density, the concept of vibration fitness and vibration training was developed. And special thanks, first to the Soviet Union and then to NASA for aiming to do something about the lack of gravity in helping their cosmonauts and astronauts maintain physical fitness despite the condition of weightlessness in space, we now have the Whole Body Vibration fitness training and therapy. After years of continuous research and study of Whole Body Vibration technology, and the positive results from these studies, it should be no surprise why more and more people are getting into a regular Whole Body Vibration regime in the privacy, comfort and convenience of their own home.

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