Whole Body Vibration – A New Application in Physical Therapy

Whole Body Vibration - A New Application in Physical Therapy

Experience Optimal Fitness and More Energy in Less Time with Whole Body Vibration

One of the greatest advantages of using Whole Body Vibration equipment is that one can achieve outstanding results in considerably less amounts of time compared with conventional training methods. This advantage was the principle driving force behind much of the research and scientific studies done on Whole Body Vibration training and therapy. When working out on a Whole Body Vibration platform the entire body is exercised or treated in about 10 minutes! Benefits are apparent with only two to three sessions per week. As time goes on, more and more positive effects are surfacing with Whole Body Vibration exercise. Quite a few of which were already known through hands on experiences with Whole Body Vibration…

  • Shorter time of training
  • Shorter time for actual execution of exercise
  • Low impact
  • Sole use of closed muscular chains
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Improves flexibility
  • Intense stimulation of neurological system
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Vibrations reduce pain
  • Causes friction on various types of tissue
  • Strengthens bone and tendon tissue
  • Increased levels of release of beneficial hormones

A search to the answer to the question what part the muscular and morphological system play in the process of muscle development during Whole Body Vibration training and therapy. Studies involving experimental groups were set up with half exercising on a Whole Body Vibration machine as opposed to the other half, a control group not using Whole Body Vibration, but conventional power training instead. Almost all the studies reveal the same conclusion. There is a faster increase in strength with Whole Body Vibration versus the conventional methods of training.

In a study (Bosco ’91) it was concluded that with Whole Body Vibration the muscle strength increases in a shorter time and in a shorter training period than in conventional training. It is shown that this rapid increase is generated because Whole Body Vibration exercise has a stimulating effect on the reflexes, like the tendon and myotonic reflex. The various studies conducted from the early 80s to the mid-90s by the various researchers are congruent to each other. They all state that increased explosive muscle strength and flexibility is achieved through subconscious reflexes prompted by Whole Body Vibration.

Whole Body Vibration - A New Application in Physical Therapy

An obvious effect of Whole Body Vibration training is improved flexibility

An obvious effect of Whole Body Vibration training is improved flexibility. The term “flexibility” is used in the literature about Whole Body Vibration in various ways, pertaining to both muscle length and joint mobility which are greatly improved with regular Whole Body Vibration exercise.

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