The Principle behind Whole Body Vibration Training and Therapy

The Principle behind Whole Body Vibration Training and Therapy

Dramatic results in the entire muscular system can be seen when exercising using a Whole Body Vibration platform.

To date, the full spectrum of muscle development has not yet been completely mapped, but it has been documented that the greatest part played in causing the mechanical stimulus for the development of muscle strength is gravity. To increase muscle strength one needs to train according to the well established principles of power training.

Training needs to include fast and intense shifts of gravitational speed. (Source: Prof. C. Bosco). To train the muscle strength faster and more effective one needs to produce an increased influence of gravity to the muscle. In practice that means motions are made with resistance causing the influence of gravity to increase. For instance, using weights (dumbbells, free weights, etc.) while performing a squat to train the quadriceps will ensure a higher application of gravity than doing the same squats without the extra weight. The influences of gravity can also be effectively produced by mechanical vibrations; therefore they can be quickly and efficiently be delivered by a Whole Body Vibration machine. In as little as ten minutes a day, three to four times per week dramatic results can be seen when exercising using a Whole Body Vibration platform.

The Principle behind Whole Body Vibration Training and Therapy

Develop and maintain a healthy flexible body with Whole Body Vibration Training and Therapy

Within the vibration there is a continuous change in the direction of movement and the user can initiate changes in the speed of the platform, increasing or decreasing accordingly, while the directional change takes place. The increased speed component the user is producing with the vibrations will result in the desired increased influence of effects the force of gravity has on the entire body, especially the muscles and bones. With Whole Body Vibration training and therapy this is influence is not caused by any additional external weight (dumbbells, free weights, etc.) but through the fast and intense change in speed acceleration generated by the oscillations of the Whole Body Vibration plate.

The short and intense Whole Body Vibration session triggers a tendon/muscle stretch reflex affecting all the muscle groups in the body. These reflexes make the muscles stronger and more flexible due to the changes in length and tension (contracting and relaxing) caused by the vibration. This contracting and relaxing of the muscles happens almost completely subconsciously via this stretch reflex and leads to very rapid and productive neuro-motoric learning, guaranteeing fast development of overall muscle strength and explosive power.

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