Natural Arthritis Treatment with Whole Body Vibration

Natural Arthritis Treatment with Whole Body VibrationConventional exercise can be very painful for those who suffer from arthritis. Because of this low impact exercise is very important for people with arthritis and may be one of the only forms of exercise they are able to tolerate. When exercising with arthritis patients need to focus on certain movements and an overall balanced workout for their whole body, not just the area affected by arthritis. A common error is to focus on just the area that is in pain. This can be a big mistake because it will throw the body’s balance off, potentially overworking the problem area, and can actually perpetuate the arthritis causing inflammation or even cartilage deterioration.

It is extremely important to focus on range of motion, strengthening, and aerobic benefits when exercising to relieve the symptoms and treat the arthritic condition. Traditionally a rebounder (aka: mini trampoline) is generally recommended for a light workout. When bouncing lightly on the rebounder it helps to increase blood oxygenation and circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Whole Body Vibration can provide even better results, but with less effort and in a much shorter amount of time. For example: when simply standing on a Whole Body Vibration platform muscles throughout are contracting and relaxing multiple times per second in response to the vibrations. This is like jumping numerous times per second on a rebounder! The Whole Body Vibration stimulus travels straight up through the entire body. The whole bodyweight is being used and mobilized to prompt the circulation of lymphatic fluids. This provides superior benefits to a rebounder and in only ten minutes and with no strain at all.

Natural Arthritis Treatment with Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration exercise relieves the Pain of Arthritis and lets you get on with your life

It has been proven that exercise can reduce pain and disability by decreasing muscle inhibition and by improving blood circulation. Unfortunately, most arthritis sufferers are not able to adhere to an exercise regimen due to the bodily discomfort associated with working out. The more difficult the exercise, the less likely they will attempt to do it. Whole Body Vibration therapy is particularly suited for these people because it thoroughly exercises the whole postural system. Whole Body Vibration equipment is easy to use, the workout sessions are short and most importantly, it is safe. Whole Body Vibration exercise is a great means to relieve arthritis pain and suffering, quite possibly reversing the condition naturally.

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