Fitness Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

PerformanceFitness Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Imagine if in just 10 minutes a day you could greatly enhance your physical performance. The solution is Whole Body Vibration training. In the 1990’s studies were conducted and proved conclusively that just 10 minutes of effortless Whole Body Vibration training had similar results on athlete’s bodies as over 100 leg presses with weight load of more than twice the body mass! An average athlete could complete about 200 drop jumps from a height of over 50cm, or they could achieve same results from standing on a Whole Body Vibration platform for about 10 minutes.

Around the turn of the last century, numerous papers were published that dealt with the results of Whole Body Vibration training and therapy on athletes. From multiple inquiries it was found that this training produced great benefits in muscular development, explosive power, increased strength, enhanced flexibility and overall balance.

A group of scientists from Eastern Europe decided to compare the training results of individuals who trained on regular ground to those who trained on a Whole Body Vibration platform. A dozen men, none of whom were professional athletes, were asked to complete an exercise routine for five weeks. They were separated into 2 groups, one of which was asked to complete all the exercises while on a Whole Body Vibration machine. When the five week period was over, their results were compared. The group who trained on a Whole Body Vibration Plate showed much more flexibility, strength and balance. This proves beyond any doubt that Whole Body Vibration exercise is very effective on its own or in conjunction with regular and conventional workout routines.

RehabilitationFitness Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Physiotherapists and other sports rehabilitation professionals are very interested in finding out more about the many ways Whole Body Vibration training and therapy could be used to help them in their tasks and to directly help them in treating sports injuries.

A few athletes who have been suffering from ACL (the anterior cruciate ligament) ruptures were asked to participate in a study that was conducted to see the effects of Whole Body Vibration exercise on ligament injuries. The proprioceptive capacity of the injured parts was monitored throughout the study.

Each and every athlete had to show their overall balance first, by simply standing on each leg, one leg at a time. During this time, the muscle activity in their legs was recorded. They were then asked to stand on a vibration plate for about 10 minutes, and redo the balance test. As a result, impressive improvements were recorded, especially in the posterior anterior direction of movement of injured ligaments. Specialists were glad to know that Whole Body Vibration training and therapy is such a great help in the recovery from sports injuries.


The use of Whole Body Vibration exercise in an athletic setting offers a whole new range of possibilities to the science of coaching.

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