The Golden Years & Whole Body Vibration Exercise

The Golden Years  & Whole Body Vibration ExerciseIn this rapidly changing world take a minute give a little thought for the people in their “Golden Years”.  How times must have changed for them, from World War II to the present (2011), there has not been a generation that has seen and experienced more in a single life time.  Currently with all the government changes going on we must wonder what is to become of this special generation.  Are they to be prescribed drugs by their doctor or are they ready to try something else, something new and quite possibly even life changing?  Even better, Whole Body Vibration therapy does not involve drugs and it is safe, quick and effective.

As reported by the American Stroke Association, nearly 40 percent of people over the age of 55 report no leisure-time physical activity. Generally, people often become less physically active as they age. The problem with this is that the older people become, the more they need regular exercise to maintain their health and fitness. Being physically active is a real key for the elderly to maintain their quality of life and independence. Advantages for senior citizens engaging in physical activity include:

  • Averting bone loss (thus reducing the risk of fractures) and reducing the risk of many diseases associated with aging.
  • Increasing muscle strength and thereby improving balance and coordination; which reduces the likelihood of falling.
  • Improving basic living skills like the ability to carry grocery bags, get up from a comfy chair, and tend to daily household chores.
  • Reducing the incidence of many illnesses; including coronary heart disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, depression and anxiety.

Undeniable Benefits of Seniore Exercising with Whole Body Vibration

There is now an exciting, relatively new approach to exercising for all ages that involves Whole Body Vibration platform, which is a mechanical stimulus characterized by a vibratory motion that is delivered throughout the entire body. Whole Body Vibration training, increases the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improves blood oxygenation and circulation, increases bone mass and density, improves muscle response, range of motion, flexibility, and increases basal metabolic rate. Many of the leading experts in the health and fitness industry feel that Whole Body Vibration therapy is going to change everything we do in rehabilitation.

The Golden Years  & Whole Body Vibration ExerciseAbout 60 million Americans have some form of vascular disease. It has been the leading cause of death every year since 1918, even during World War II. Being sedentary is classified as a major cardiovascular risk factor, increasing risk more than smoking or high cholesterol. Vigorous exercise, the real thing, cuts your risk of dying by heart attack in half.

So what does Whole Body Vibration exercise do for the heart? It works wonders, for the circulation, assisting the heart in its pumping of oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body. When circulation is not functioning properly, that’s when things get clogged up and that’s what can kill you.

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