Weight-Loss with Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines

Weight-Loss with Whole Body Vibration Exercise MachinesSpringtime is the time of year we are bombarded with claims from companies offering pills, programs, diets and meal plans that will make you slim. Many of these are misleading and recently the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) fined the marketers of four weight-loss pills millions for making false advertising claims including fast weight-loss and even cancer prevention. It is nice to see the government acting on and going after the real fraudsters for a change.

Who is Using Whole Body Vibration Machines?

For the past few years research has shown that most professional sports teams in the USA were using Whole Body Vibration machines for one reason or another. Some used the equipment for training, some for rehab/therapy and some for stretching and core workouts.

Recent research has also found that Whole Body Vibration therapy and training had been adopted by medical professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and spinal therapy specialists. The interesting thing is that many of these professionals a few years ago laughed at Whole Body Vibration exercise as a real science and medical treatment. Now that they have become educated and experienced on Whole Body Vibration exercise machines their view has completely changed.

Benefits of Vibration Plate Fitness

So how can Whole Body Vibration do so much good for us? The basics are very simple and the first time you use Whole Body Vibration equipment, you’ll understand how it works. Whole Body Vibration exercise causes muscles to contract and stretch in rapid succession. Your muscles do not care how much they are moving but how often. The result is not only the same as a conventional workout, but better. In one minute on a vibration machine you can get 1500 muscle contractions, compared to maybe 60 to 200 doing traditional exercise. This is why a Whole Body Vibration workout only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Beyond the muscle workout there are many other benefits that are not so obvious starting with weight-loss. A new study presented at the Congress on Obesity showed that Whole Body Vibration exercise was up to 4 times as effective as traditional exercise with fat loss. 60 minutes of cardio versus 10 minutes of Whole Body Vibration machine use and vibration fitness won? This surprises everybody and has created a shockwave around the globe. Not only did the Whole Body Vibration fitness group lose much more fat but they were able to keep it off even after they stopped using the Whole Body Vibration platform for 6 months. The cardio group all experienced a yo-yo effect and gained back the weight they had lost. Somehow Whole Body Vibration exercise is able to reset our body’s “Weight Set-Point” which is the key to long term weight-loss. This is a game changer in the weight-loss industry and Whole Body Vibration exercise is being adopted into many weight-loss programs now.

North America is currently experiencing an epidemic in Osteoporosis and the drug companies are having a hay day selling drugs to treat it. In reality the drugs have been proven to have very little benefits and are costing consumers hundreds of millions a year. Whole Body Vibration exercise machines build bone mass naturally and are very effective at preventing bone loss.

Give this new technology a try and your results will to be impressive. You will lose more weight and continue to get stronger. Your energy levels will be elevated and overall you will feel better than you have in years. Your experience will be so positive that you will likely be inspired enough to get many of your friends to start using Whole Body Vibration and discover for themselves how much they will benefit.

Weight-Loss with Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines

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