Success in New York!

Great news on the sales front! We finally have a fantastic opportunity in New York. We will be supplying our 4U 2000 models – the KING of vibration machines with both oscillating and spiral vibration motors – to a fitness facility that will be testing these machines for suitability for other applications including medical and school. After having used these machines ourselves for 1.5 years we know the testing will go very well and we are looking forward to shipping these 3 or 4 machines to New York.

We have also recently had great feedback from a chiropractor in Collingwood, Ontario that is very impressed with the 4U 2000 as well and is using it in his practice to treat his patients with success. There is also the Rocky Point, NY Choice Joint & Spine clinic that has been using our 4u 2000 for over a year to treat their patients. Those with Multiple Sclerosis have responded very well.

That is it for now. We are very happy with our progress and things are progressing at an increasing rate. Now it is time to get our stock/ inventory situation in order. Our shipment of 4U 400s is scheduled to arrive early May.
Tim Senger
VP Operations

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