Increase Calorie Burn with Whole Body Vibration Exercise


Increase Calorie Burn with Whole Body Vibration ExerciseAre you trying to lose weight? The one concern that everyone shares the most is calorie intake and calorie burn. To calculate calorie burn is impossible as so many variables need to be considered, like age, weight, height, max/min heart rate, rate of oxygen intake, CO2 emissions, fitness level etc. Using these variables, we can only know the aerobic calorie loss but not the anaerobic one.

So how can you burn more calories? Which would you choose; a Whole Body Vibration work out or a conventional cardio workout? Studies have revealed that you burn a minimum of 10 – 12 calories a minute on Whole Body Vibration machine (could also be more) compared to 7 – 8 calories with an aggressive cardio workout. And if we calculate a 10 minute workout on the Whole Body Vibration fitness machines, it could yield an approximate 200-500 calorie burn. It is a type of resistance training that burns more of calories and fat in less time than any comparable traditional workout. Whole Body Vibration training and therapy induces the burning of unhealthy cellulite and fats that have been unconsciously storing all sorts of unnecessary elements in the body. 

Using the Whole Body Vibration machine, your body is exposed to vibrations; you can perform stretching, weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, physical therapy or just simple standing. All these static and dynamic movements can be performed using a Whole Body Vibration platform. Whenever you are on the Whole Body Vibration machine, the tissues react to the stimulus generated by the vibrations. The effect produced depends upon the position or pose you have taken and part of the body you are targeting to slim down. Whenever you work on the machine, you muscle’s fibers are working near 100%. More glucose and oxygen are burned, therefore pushing the heart to pump harder as this gets more oxygen and fresh blood to the muscles. All this helps in accelerating weight loss and increasing muscle strength and bone mass and density as more fuel is being burned.

Incorporating the use of a Whole Body Vibration machine into a regular health and fitness regimen will help accelerate weight loss efforts. It has health benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike. Along with these benefits you will have a faster metabolism, tighter muscles, improved flexibility, better circulation, and a more attractive body.

Increase Calorie Burn with Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Look and feel your best with Whole Body Vibration exercise.

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