Revolutionary Fitness Using Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Revolutionary Fitness Using Whole Body Vibration ExerciseThere are numerous exercise products that are available in the market from which consumers can readily purchase for their fitness needs. The media offers varied ads about fitness programs and machines that provide benefits to the body. Different fitness machines have differing features but the primary goal is to build and strengthen the body. While this may be the main goal, research and development in the fitness industry did not stop searching for the more advance and beneficial fitness programs and exercise machines for the modern lifestyle. There are more revolutions made in the fitness industry as more programs and machines are discovered, superseding the previous programs.

One of the revolutionary fitness programs practiced in recent years is Whole Body Vibration (WBV) exercise. WBV exercise has become popular in these modern times since it has been discovered to be of much benefit to the entire body. It can be used for therapy, fitness, and training. Many fitness experts now use Whole Body Vibration exercise for their clients.

Whole Body Vibration exercise uses machines or equipment with a platform that generates the vibration. With a touch of the button, a vibration is produced that causes the body’s muscles to contract in reflex actions. Whole Body Vibration exercise can be done targeting specific parts of the body or the whole body depending on the poses or postures used. The point of Whole Body Vibration exercise is to aid the contraction of muscles in the body without strenuously doing the physical work that enables the contraction. It’s the job of the WBV machine to do the work of contracting muscles.

There are many benefits to exercising with Whole Body Vibration. They include, but are not limited to: excess fats are burned, increase in human growth hormone, lowering cellulite, strengthening muscles, enhancing blood circulation, increasing bone density, raising energy levels by speeding up metabolism, decreasing muscle pains, decreasing blood pressure, and improving sense of balance. By simply standing on the platform for 10 minutes, setting the speed or the level of frequency and pressing start, you will get the equivalent of over an hour’s worth of conventional exercise in a gym.

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